Love on a Diet Trailer

Love on a Diet Trailer (2001)

21 June 2001 Drama, Comedy, Romance 94 mins

Sammi Cheng plays Mimi Mo, a young exchange student to Japan who met and fell in love with a budding pianist, Kurokawa, played by Rikiya Kurokawa. Kurokawa eventually leaves to study music in the USA and returns to Japan as a famous musician. Meanwhile, Mimi has dealt with her depression by eating and weights over 300lbs and Kurokawa doesn't recognize her. Mimi eventually meets Fatty (Andy Lau) who helps her lose the weight so she can fulfill her promise of meeting Kurokawa made 10 years earlier. But then they fall in love.....

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Andy Lau

as Fatso

Sammi Cheng

as Mini Mo

Wong Tin-Lam

as Fatso's fat friend

Lam Suet

as Bun Man


as Kurokawa

Rikiya Kurokawa

as Kurokawa

Keiji Sato

as Fatso's boxing customer

Wong Mei-Fan

as Radio DJ

Po Ming-Nam

as Cocain Ken


Johnnie To


Wai Ka-Fai


International Titles

Love On A Diet Trailer

ダイエット・ラブ Trailer

International Releases Dates

Hong Kong 21 June 2001

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love on a diet (making of) 01

Sammi Cheng and Andy Lau donned a fatsuit and makeup in this Chinese romantic comedy "Love On A Diet." Scott Wheeler and James Rohland of Steve Johnson's XFX were responsible for the

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Subscribe and like . Thanks all Subscribe to my channel: Young Mini (Sammi Cheng) descends into depression when her relationship with . Love On A Diet 瘦身. Love on a Diet

Sammi Cheng in Love on a Diet

The video clip from the movies.

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the song that is playing at the beginning of the movie when sammi cheng in a fat suit is trying to hang herself. one of my friends wanted me to play this song so here it is! i haven't

瘦身 粤 Love on a Diet

Subscribe and like . Thanks all Subscribe to my channel: Young Mini (Sammi Cheng) descends into depression when her relationship with . Love On A Diet 瘦身. Subscribe and like .

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