Soulkeeper Trailer

Soulkeeper Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001 Adventure, Fantasy, Horror 105 mins

Two thieves (Rodney Rowland, Kevin Patrick Walls) compete with a madman in their search for an ancient relic which can create an army of evil souls.

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Karen Black

as Martha la Magnifica

Ali Landry

as Red Head

Jack Donner

as Smokey

Brad Dourif

as Mr. Pascal

Keith Coogan

as Male Tour Guide

Robert Davi

as Mallion

Steffiana De La Cruz

as Blue-Eyed Girl

Sam Scarber

as Bartender

Michael Ironside

as Voice of Mr.M (uncredited)

International Releases Dates

United States 01 January 2001

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Soulkeeper - Trailer

This is the trailer for the movie Soulkeeper from 2001.

Soulkeeper Trailer

A soundless ungraded rough cut of a trailer for the sci-fi pilot 'Soulkeeper'. The project fell in a heap due to financial issues. Written by Brad Gaylard & Jon Henricks Directed by

Soulkeeper streaming-film complet en francais

Soulkeeper full hd movie trailer.

Adrienne Ironside from LA Ink in the movie Soulkeeper (2001)

Adrienne Ironside from LA Ink.

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Soulkeeper: El Alma del Diablo (Trailer español)

Año: 2001 Sinopsis: Dos ladrones roban una antigua reliquia que puede hacer que almas y espíritus demoníacos vuelvan a la Tierra. Esto hará que un demonio que está buscando almas

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