Over the Rainbow Trailer

Over the Rainbow Trailer (2002)

17 May 2002 Drama, Romance 109 mins

After a tragic road accident, broadcast journalist Jin Soo (Lee Jung-Jae) finds he's lost pockets of his memories, including that of a woman he once loved. Nagged by unrelenting feelings of loss, Jin sets out to find her. His quest lands him face to face with Yeon-Hee (Chang Jin-Young), a woman who's trying to forget a man she once loved. What begins as a journey of sadness turns into a triumphant story of love for the pair.

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Lee Jung-jae

as Jin-su Lee

Jang Jin-young

as Yeong-hie Kang

Gong Hyung-jin

as Young-min Kim

Kim Seo-hyung

as Kyung-hee

International Titles

Obeo deo reinbou Trailer

International Releases Dates

France 16 May 2003

Hong Kong 05 January 2005

Korea 17 May 2002

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