Public Enemy Trailer

Public Enemy Trailer (2002)

25 January 2002 Drama, Action 138 mins

Ruthless cop Chul-joong and a merciless killer in raincoat run into each other in a small alleyway and form a fatal bond. A free-for-all fight occurs by coincidence on a rainy street. A week later, the dead bodies of an old couple are discovered with multiple stab wounds. Chul-joong suddenly recalls the night he met the man in the raincoat. Chul-joong meets the old couple's son CHO Gyoo-hwan. He has an intuition that CHO is the murder but has no clue. In the meantime, another murder takes place in the same fashion. The showdown between a dirty cop and a killer unfolds, as things get more personal.

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Sol Kyung-Gu

as Cheol-jung, Kang

Sol Kyung-Gu

as Cheol-jung Kang

Lee Sung-jae

as Kyu-hwan, Jo

Lee Sung-jae

as Kyu-hwan Jo

Kang Shin-il

as Chief Investigator Eom

Jeong-hak Kim

as Detective Kim

Do Yong-Gu

as Detective Nam

Ahn Nae-sang

as Detective Lee

Lee Mun-shik

as Ahn-soo

Sung Ji-Ru

as Dae-kil

Yoo Hae-jin

as Yong-man

Gi Ju-bong

as Song Haeng-ki


Kim Sung-Bok

Kim Sung-Bok Cinematography

International Titles

Public Enemy - Ein harter Cop Trailer

Public Enemy Trailer

公共の敵 Trailer

Gonggongui jeog Trailer

International Releases Dates

Spain 08 October 2002

Korea 25 January 2002

United States 25 January 2002

Production Companies

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