Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Trailer

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Trailer (2003)

"The soul has two faces." 27 August 2003 Thriller 96 mins

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde is Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of horror, the duality of mankind and the darker side of late Victorian society. Dr Henry Jekyll (John Hannah), a great scientist, handsome, and renowned throughout the scientific community, is developing a formula that will revolutionise human nature by isolating criminal elements. He experiments on himself and intoxicated by the drug he undergoes a monstrous transformation. He is released from conventions of the social order and his own moral code into euphoric, remorseless wickedness - the villainous Mr Hyde. What follows is the gripping and terrifying stuggle of two opposing personalities battling for the soul of one man...

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John Hannah

as Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde

David Warner

as Sir Danvers Carew

Gerard Horan

as John Utterson

Kellie Shirley

as Mabel Mercer

Jack Blumenau

as Ned Chandler

Ellie Haddington

as Florrie Bradley

Mel Martin

as Rachel Carew

Tilly Vosburgh

as Mabel's mother

Elodie Kendall

as Sarah Carew

Ifan Meredith

as Dr. Arthur Lanyon

James Saxon

as Dr. Johnson

Christopher Good

as Dr. Brown

Marius Jampolskis

as Boy With Note

Lina Budzeikaitė

as Bruised Woman


Gary Tuck

Gary Tuck Line Producer

John Hannah

John Hannah Executive Producer

Simon Wright

Simon Wright Executive Producer

David Ferguson

Original Music Composer

Daf Hobson

Daf Hobson Cinematography

Di Carling

Di Carling Casting

Caroline Greville-Morris

Caroline Greville-Morris Production Design

International Releases Dates

Argentina 03 March 2004

Germany 03 August 2012

Spain 17 December 2003

Italy 27 August 2003

Sweden 22 August 2007

United States 18 October 2003

Production Companies

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