Paloh Trailer

Paloh Trailer (2003)

"Di Sini Tiada Jalan Kembali [Here No Way Back]" 10 July 2003 Drama, Action 120 mins

Set during the confrontation between the Japanese Army and the Communist Party of Malaya in the year 1944. Four friends - Ahmad, Osman , Puteh and Harun choose to serve the Japanese Police Force in order to survive. Amidst a sea of uncertainties, Ahmad falls in love with Siew Lan and Puteh falls in love with Fatimah - both girls from different worlds , different cultures, even opposing sides. And Osman - a friend of theirs and a spy for the Japanese Police - chooses to serve his own vendetta.

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Janet Khoo

as Siew Lan


as Ahmad

Gibran Agi

as Osman

Ellie Suriati

as Fatimah

Zack Taipan

as Kpt. Kim Jung

Adlin Aman Ramlie

as Sarjan Jumlay

Sofi Jikan

as Harun


as Ah Keong

Thor Kah Hoong

as Ah Meng

Ani Mayuni

as Azizah

A. Samad Salleh

as Ariffin Nur

Yalal Chin

as Hassan

Kamaliah Mat Dom

as Mak Lang


International Releases Dates

Malaysia 10 July 2003

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THANKS FOR WATCHING Please Subscribe My Channel Set during the confrontation between the Japanese Army and the Communist Party of Malaya in the . THANKS FOR WATCHING Please Subscribe

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Paloh ialah sebuah filem period berlatar belakangkan konfrontasi di antara pihak jepun dengan PKM. Pergolakan ini menyebabkan masyarakat Malaya sekitar tahun 1944 terpaksa hidup dalam

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Paloh full hd movie trailer.

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In conjunction with Merdeka Astro Prima brings you Paloh. A movie about revenge betrayalracism together with a great cast. Brought to you by Astro (On Air Promo team

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