Scary Movie 3 Trailer

Scary Movie 3 Trailer (2003)

"Great trilogies come in threes." 24 October 2003 Comedy 84 mins

In the third installment of the Scary Movie franchise, news anchorwoman Cindy Campbell has to investigate mysterious crop circles and killing video tapes, and help the President stop an alien invasion in the process.

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Marny Eng

as Tabitha

Simon Rex

as George

Jeremy Piven

as Ross Giggins

Anna Faris

as Cindy Campbell

Regina Hall

as Brenda Meeks

Queen Latifah

as Aunt Shaneequa/The Oracle

Leslie Nielsen

as President Baxter Harris

Camryn Manheim

as Trooper Champlin

George Carlin

as The Architect


Shawn Wayans

Shawn Wayans Characters

Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans Characters

Buddy Johnson

Buddy Johnson Characters

Phil Beauman

Phil Beauman Characters

William A. Elliott

William A. Elliott Production Design

Aaron Seltzer

Aaron Seltzer Characters

Kumvana Gomani

Kumvana Gomani Art Department Assistant

James L. Venable

James L. Venable Costume Design

Mark Irwin

Mark Irwin Director of Photography

International Titles

Scary movie 3: No hay dos sin 3 Trailer

Scary Movie 3 - UR Trailer

Страшен филм 3 Trailer

Film de peur 3 Trailer

Õudne film 3 Trailer

Scary Movie 3 Trailer

Mrak film 3 Trailer

Pats baisiausias filmas 3 Trailer

Scary Movie 3 - Outro Susto de Filme Trailer

Mrak film 3 Trailer

Scary Movie 3 Trailer

Scary Movie 3.5 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 05 February 2004

Austria 26 February 2004

Australia 11 December 2003

Belgium 24 December 2003

Bahrain 25 February 2004

Brazil 09 January 2004

Canada 11 May 2004

Switzerland 26 February 2004

Chile 09 January 2004

Czech Republic 25 March 2004

Germany 12 August 2004

Denmark 02 January 2004

Estonia 30 January 2004

Egypt 24 March 2004

Spain 02 April 2004

Finland 06 February 2004

France 24 December 2003

United Kingdom 14 June 2004

Greece 05 March 2004

Croatia 26 February 2004

Hungary 01 April 2004

Ireland 23 January 2004

Israel 20 November 2003

Iceland 31 October 2003

Italy 20 February 2004

Korea 15 September 2005

Kuwait 25 August 2004

Kazakhstan 26 December 2003

Lithuania 26 December 2003

Mexico 12 March 2004

Netherlands 18 December 2003

Norway 09 January 2004

New Zealand 11 December 2003

Panama 25 December 2003

Philippines 10 December 2003

Poland 19 March 2004

Portugal 05 February 2004

Romania 05 March 2004

Russia 25 December 2003

Sweden 13 February 2004

Slovenia 26 February 2004

Turkey 20 February 2004

United States 11 May 2004

Venezuela 12 March 2004

South Africa 20 February 2004

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Scary Movie 3 ≣ 2003 ≣ Trailer ≣ deutsch

Scary Movie 3 full hd movie trailer.

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