Abominable Trailer

Abominable Trailer (2004)

17 January 2004 8 mins

The same explorers that debunked the myth of Cain as Bigfoot set out on another adventure to discover the true nature of the Yeti. This was filmed in 2004 as part of the LDS Film Festival's 24-hour short film competition. Each film was to be about perseverance, include a watch, and use the line "I wish..." This short film was written, produced, shot, directed, acted, scored, costumed and created in 24 hours by John Perkins, Joshua Ligairi, William Rowan Jr. and Todd N. Tanner.

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Joshua Ligairi

as Buster Sweewater

William Rowan Jr.

as Toby Galano

Todd N. Tanner

as Bobo Belcher

John Perkins

as Brother Seamons

John Perkins

as Doctor Sven Hakon

International Releases Dates

United States 17 January 2004

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Abominable full hd movie trailer.

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