Argo Trailer

Argo Trailer (2004)

16 September 2004 Action, Comedy

The crew of Tibi Balogh sets out on a journey across Hungary to get the ancient Gold Owl statue, as well as the Milk Man. The treasure is worth millions, who gets there first?

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Lajos Kovács

as Tibi Balog

Lajos Kovács

as Tibi Balogh

Sándor Oszter

as Tejesember

László Görög

as Tézeusz

Laura Ruttkay

as Katalin Kun

Feró Nagy

as Profi

Zoltán Mucsi

as Sofőr

Imre Csuja

as Traktor

International Releases Dates

Hungary 16 September 2004

Production Companies

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Argo Trailer

Argo - Available February 19 - Get your copy here: Based on real events the dramatic thriller "Argo" chronicles the life-or-death covert operation to rescue six

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Hát igazából az egész Argo filmet ide lehetett volna rakni mert alig volt mit kivágni belőle annyira jó film :) IMDB link:

Argo 2004

Argo full hd movie trailer.

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Final Project for COM 5700 class.

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