The Bourne Supremacy Trailer

The Bourne Supremacy Trailer (2004)

"They should have left him alone." 23 July 2004 Drama, Action, Thriller 108 mins

When a CIA operation to purchase classified Russian documents is blown by a rival agent, who then shows up in the sleepy seaside village where Bourne and Marie have been living. The pair run for their lives and Bourne, who promised retaliation should anyone from his former life attempt contact, is forced to once again take up his life as a trained assassin to survive.

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Matt Damon

as Jason Bourne

Franka Potente

as Marie Helene Kreutz

Brian Cox

as Ward Abbott

Julia Stiles

as Nicky Parsons

Karl Urban

as Kirill

Gabriel Mann

as Danny Zorn

Joan Allen

as Pamela Landy

Karel Roden

as Gretkov

Tom Gallop

as Tom Cronin

Karel Roden

as Yuri Gretkov


Philip Elton

Philip Elton Art Direction

Sarah Horton

Sarah Horton Art Direction

Peter Wenham

Peter Wenham Supervising Art Director

Bernhard Henrich

Bernhard Henrich Set Decoration

Christine Beveridge

Christine Beveridge Makeup Department Head

Axel Kahnt

Axel Kahnt Property Master

Himani Dehlvi

Himani Dehlvi Costume Supervisor

Petra Wellenstein

Petra Wellenstein Costume Supervisor

International Titles

La supremacía de Bourne Trailer

Превъзходството на Борн Trailer

A Supremacia Bourne Trailer

Bourne Identity 2 Trailer

Bourne Identity 2 - Bourne Supremecy Trailer

The Bourne Identity 2 - Bourne Supremacy Trailer

伯恩的霸权 Trailer

Bourne 02 Trailer

Die Bourne Verschwörung Trailer

Bourne'i ülemvõim Trailer

El Mito de Bourne Trailer

Jason Bourne 2 - La Mort dans la Peau Trailer

Jason Bourne: La Mort Dans La Peau Trailer

Στη Σκιά Των Κατασκόπων Trailer

Bourneova nadmoć Trailer

A Bourne-csapda Trailer

본 슈프리머시 Trailer

Jason Bourne 2 - The Bourne Supremacy - Gåten Jason Bourne Trailer

Krucjata Bourne'a Trailer

Supremacia Trailer

Bornova nadmoć Trailer

Bourne Supremacy, The Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 25 August 2004

Argentina 30 September 2004

Austria 22 October 2004

Australia 26 August 2004

Belgium 08 September 2004

Bulgaria 03 December 2004

Bahrain 25 August 2004

Brazil 12 November 2013

Canada 23 July 2004

Switzerland 21 October 2004

Chile 11 November 2004

China 14 November 2004

Colombia 22 October 2004

Cyprus 15 October 2004

Czech Republic 07 October 2004

Germany 06 December 2007

Denmark 08 October 2004

Ecuador 25 August 2004

Estonia 24 September 2004

Egypt 25 August 2004

Spain 17 September 2004

Finland 01 October 2004

France 08 September 2004

United Kingdom 13 August 2004

Georgia 23 September 2004

Greece 17 September 2004

Hong Kong 19 August 2004

Croatia 21 October 2004

Hungary 30 September 2004

Indonesia 19 August 2004

Ireland 13 August 2004

Israel 26 August 2004

India 09 October 2004

Iceland 27 August 2004

Italy 24 September 2004

Kenya 15 October 2004

Korea 06 August 2004

Kuwait 25 August 2004

Kazakhstan 03 September 2004

Lebanon 30 September 2004

Lithuania 24 September 2004

Latvia 08 October 2004

Macedonia 03 October 2004

Malta 01 September 2004

Mexico 03 September 2004

Malaysia 07 October 2004

Netherlands 09 September 2004

Norway 01 October 2004

New Zealand 26 August 2004

Panama 24 September 2004

Peru 04 November 2004

Philippines 22 September 2004

Poland 03 September 2004

Portugal 16 September 2004

Romania 22 October 2004

Serbia 14 October 2004

Russia 02 September 2004

Sweden 17 September 2004

Singapore 30 September 2004

Slovenia 23 September 2004

Slovakia 07 October 2004

Thailand 26 August 2004

Turkey 01 October 2004

Taiwan 20 August 2004

Ukraine 02 September 2004

United States 19 January 2010

Venezuela 05 November 2004

South Africa 15 October 2004

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