The Grudge Trailer

The Grudge Trailer (2004)

"It never forgives. It never forgets." 22 October 2004 Horror, Thriller, Mystery 92 mins

American nurse, Karen Davis moves to Tokyo and encounters a vengeful supernatural spirit known as The Grudge that often possesses its victims. When a series of horrifying and mysterious deaths occur – with the spirit passing its curse onto each victim - Karen must find away to break the spell before she becomes the spirit's next victim.

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Jason Behr

as Doug

William Mapother

as Matthew Williams

Clea DuVall

as Jennifer Williams

KaDee Strickland

as Susan Williams

Grace Zabriskie

as Emma Williams

Bill Pullman

as Peter Kirk

Rosa Blasi

as Maria Kirk

Ted Raimi

as Alex

Takako Fuji

as Kayako Saeki

Ryo Ishibashi

as Nakagawa

Yoko Maki

as Yoko

Yuya Ozeki

as Toshio


Iwao Saitô

Iwao Saitô Production Design

Kyôko Yauchi

Kyôko Yauchi Art Direction

Hideo Yamamoto

Hideo Yamamoto Cinematography

Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi Producer

Tatsuo Ozeki

Tatsuo Ozeki Set Decoration

Shawn Holly Cookson

Shawn Holly Cookson Costume Design

Miyuki Taniguchi

Miyuki Taniguchi Costume Design

Kathleen Thomas

Kathleen Thomas Script Supervisor

International Titles

The Grudge - UR Trailer

The Grudge Trailer

Гняв Trailer

O Grito Trailer

美版咒怨1 Trailer

Der Fluch - The Grudge Trailer

The Grudge - Der Fluch Trailer

Vimm Trailer

El Grito Trailer

Kauna Trailer

I katara Trailer

Kletva Trailer

Az átok Trailer

Ha-Tina Trailer

The Juon Trailer

Pagieza Trailer

Forbannelsen Trailer

The Grudge - A Maldição Trailer

Kletva Trailer

La Maldicion Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 22 December 2004

Argentina 03 March 2005

Austria 04 March 2005

Australia 18 November 2004

Belgium 02 February 2005

Bulgaria 08 July 2005

Bahrain 05 January 2005

Brazil 07 January 2005

Switzerland 03 March 2005

Chile 09 February 2006

Czech Republic 17 March 2005

Germany 03 March 2005

Denmark 04 February 2005

Estonia 14 January 2005

Egypt 02 March 2005

Spain 21 January 2005

Finland 07 January 2005

France 29 December 2004

United Kingdom 05 November 2004

Greece 21 January 2005

Hong Kong 28 October 2004

Hungary 10 March 2005

Ireland 05 November 2004

Israel 13 January 2005

Iceland 12 November 2004

Italy 05 January 2005

Korea 26 May 2005

Kuwait 22 December 2004

Kazakhstan 03 December 2004

Lithuania 18 January 2005

Mexico 28 January 2005

Netherlands 06 January 2005

Norway 07 January 2005

New Zealand 11 December 2004

Panama 14 January 2005

Philippines 12 January 2005

Poland 21 January 2005

Portugal 17 February 2005

Serbia 02 March 2005

Russia 02 December 2004

Sweden 14 January 2005

Singapore 22 October 2004

Slovakia 17 March 2005

Thailand 28 October 2004

Turkey 17 December 2004

Taiwan 29 October 2004

United States 22 October 2004

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