Constantine Trailer

Constantine Trailer (2005)

"Hell Wants Him, Heaven Won't Take Him, Earth Needs Him." 08 February 2005 Fantasy, Drama, Horror 121 mins

John Constantine has literally been to Hell and back. When he teams up with a policewoman to solve the mysterious suicide of her twin sister, their investigation takes them through the world of demons and angels that exists beneath the landscape of contemporary Los Angeles.

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Keanu Reeves

as John Constantine

Rachel Weisz

as Angela Dodson / Isabel Dodson

Shia LaBeouf

as Chas Kramer

Djimon Hounsou

as Midnite

Max Baker

as Beeman

Pruitt Taylor Vince

as Father Hennessy

Gavin Rossdale

as Balthazar

Tilda Swinton

as Gabriel

Peter Stormare

as Lucifer

Jesse Ramirez

as Scavenger

José Zúñiga

as Detective Weiss

Laz Alonso

as Williams

April Grace

as Dr. Leslie Archer

Larry Cedar

as Vermin Man

Barbara Pilavin

as Old Woman on Bus - Demon


Jamie Delano

Jamie Delano Original Story

Garth Ennis

Garth Ennis Original Story

Erwin Stoff

Erwin Stoff Producer

Gilbert Adler

Gilbert Adler Executive Producer

Michael Aguilar

Michael Aguilar Executive Producer

Klaus Badelt

Original Music Composer

Brian Tyler

Original Music Composer

Philippe Rousselot

Philippe Rousselot Director of Photography

International Titles

Константин Trailer

Constantine Trailer

地狱神探 Trailer

魔间行者 Trailer

コンスタンティン Trailer

콘스탄틴 Trailer

Constantine Trailer

Constantine Trailer

Constantin Trailer

Konstantin Trailer

Константин Trailer

Костянтин Trailer

Костянтин: Повелитель темряви Trailer

Костянтин: Володар темряви Trailer

Константин Trailer

Константин: Володар темряви Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 09 March 2005

Argentina 17 March 2005

Austria 17 February 2005

Australia 24 February 2005

Belgium 23 February 2005

Bulgaria 01 April 2005

Brazil 11 March 2005

Canada 18 February 2005

Switzerland 17 February 2005

Chile 03 March 2005

Czech Republic 07 April 2005

Germany 17 February 2005

Denmark 24 February 2005

Estonia 08 April 2005

Spain 18 February 2005

Finland 04 March 2005

France 16 February 2005

United Kingdom 18 March 2005

Georgia 16 May 2005

Greece 04 March 2005

Hong Kong 08 February 2005

Croatia 31 March 2005

Hungary 07 April 2005

Ireland 18 March 2005

Israel 24 February 2005

India 25 February 2005

Iceland 25 February 2005

Italy 25 February 2005

Korea 08 February 2005

Kazakhstan 31 March 2005

Lithuania 04 April 2005

Netherlands 24 February 2005

Norway 25 February 2005

Panama 11 March 2005

Peru 10 March 2005

Philippines 16 February 2005

Poland 11 March 2005

Portugal 24 February 2005

Russia 24 March 2005

Sweden 04 March 2005

Singapore 08 February 2005

Slovakia 07 April 2005

Thailand 23 February 2005

Turkey 11 March 2005

Taiwan 09 February 2005

Ukraine 31 March 2005

United States 18 February 2005

Uruguay 04 March 2005

South Africa 04 March 2005

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