Innocent Seven Trailer

Innocent Seven Trailer (2005)

13 August 2005 Drama, Comedy, Crime 107 mins

Seven families are aboard a bus towards a field camp for their vacation. At this camp, it becomes clear that this is not a common trip. The parents are of the kind that abused their children or were visited by children´s services, and at the camp they are offered to sell their children for a large sum of money, because there were customers that needed healthy internal organs.

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as Hitoshi Kakiuchi

Shuto Hatano

as Kazuki Yokoyama

Pepe Hozumi

as Masahiko Nishiyama, father of Shoko

Keito Ishihara

as Shoichi Maeda

Yôko Ishino

as Someko Hashimoto, mother of Shinichi

Makoto Kawahara

as Harumi Nakao

Shinnosuke Matsukawa

as Shinichi Hashimoto

Kaoru Mizuki

as Michiyo Nishiyama, step mother of Shoko

Tomoya Nakamura

as Junpei Kawahara

Youichi Nukumizu

as Haruki Yokoyama, father of Kazuki

Hitomi Takahashi

as Kimiyo Nakao, mother of Harumi

Shunki Tojima

as Saburo Yanagioka

Ikkei Watanabe

as Koichi Kawahara, father of Junpei

Miyu Yagyu

as Shoko Nishiyama

Yoshitatsu Yamada

as Noboru Sumida, Kimiyo's lover

Hajime Yamazaki

as Hideo Yanagioka, father of Saburo




Suguru Matsutani

Original Music Composer

Shigeki Muramo

Shigeki Muramo Cinematography

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