King Kong Trailer

King Kong Trailer (2005)

"The eighth wonder of the world." 12 December 2005 Adventure, Drama, Action 187 mins

In 1933 New York, an overly ambitious movie producer coerces his cast and hired ship crew to travel to mysterious Skull Island, where they encounter Kong, a giant ape who is immediately smitten with the leading lady.

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Naomi Watts

as Ann Darrow

Jack Black

as Carl Denham

Adrien Brody

as Jack Driscoll

Thomas Kretschmann

as Captain Englehorn

Colin Hanks

as Preston

Andy Serkis

as Kong/Lumpy

Andy Serkis

as Kong / Lumpy

Evan Parke

as Hayes

Jamie Bell

as Jimmy

Lobo Chan

as Choy

Craig Hall

as Mike

Kyle Chandler

as Bruce Baxter

David Pittu

as Weston

Mark Hadlow

as Harry


Andrew Lesnie

Andrew Lesnie Director of Photography

James Newton Howard

Original Music Composer

David Long

Original Music Composer

Mel Wesson

Original Music Composer

Grant Major

Grant Major Production Design

Terry Ryan

Terry Ryan Costume Design

Brent Burge

Brent Burge Sound Designer

International Titles

King Kong - EC Trailer

Кинг Конг Trailer

King Kong 1 Trailer

Κινγκ Κονγκ Trailer

킹콩 Trailer

King Kong (2005) Trailer

Peter Jackson's King Kong Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 14 December 2005

Armenia 14 December 2005

Argentina 15 December 2005

Austria 14 December 2005

Australia 14 December 2005

Belgium 14 December 2005

Bulgaria 14 December 2005

Bahrain 14 December 2005

Brazil 16 December 2005

Canada 14 December 2005

Switzerland 14 December 2005

China 24 December 2005

Colombia 16 December 2005

Czech Republic 15 December 2005

Germany 14 December 2005

Denmark 14 December 2005

Estonia 14 December 2005

Egypt 25 January 2006

Spain 13 December 2005

Finland 14 December 2005

France 14 December 2005

United Kingdom 15 December 2005

Georgia 14 December 2005

Greece 14 December 2005

Hong Kong 15 December 2005

Hungary 15 December 2005

Indonesia 14 December 2005

Ireland 15 December 2005

Israel 15 December 2005

India 16 December 2005

Iran 16 December 2005

Iceland 14 December 2005

Italy 16 December 2005

Korea 14 December 2005

Kuwait 14 December 2005

Kazakhstan 15 December 2005

Lebanon 14 December 2005

Macedonia 21 December 2005

Mexico 14 December 2005

Malaysia 14 December 2005

Netherlands 14 December 2005

Norway 12 December 2005

New Zealand 13 December 2005

Oman 16 December 2005

Panama 16 December 2005

Peru 15 December 2005

Philippines 14 December 2005

Poland 14 December 2005

Portugal 15 December 2005

Romania 16 December 2005

Russia 14 December 2005

Sweden 14 December 2005

Singapore 14 December 2005

Slovenia 14 December 2005

Slovakia 15 December 2005

Thailand 15 December 2005

Turkey 16 December 2005

Taiwan 14 December 2005

United States 14 December 2005

Uruguay 16 December 2005

Venezuela 16 December 2005

South Africa 14 December 2005

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King Kong 2018

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