Sunflower Trailer

Sunflower Trailer (2005)

10 September 2005 Drama, Romance, Foreign 129 mins

Sunflower is the story of the Zhang family in Beijing father, mother and son across three decades, centering on the tensions and misunderstandings between father and son. Nine-year-old Xiangyang is having the time of his life, free of adult supervision until the day he meets the father he can hardly remember. Having spent years away, he returns with strong ideas about his son learning to draw. But Xiangyang chafes under his father's constant rules and soon stages his own revolution against the lessons enforced.

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Joan Chen

as Zhang Xiuqing

Zhang Fan

as Zhang Xiangyang, Zhang Gengnian's son as an 8 year old boy

Ge Gao

as Zhang Xiangyang as a 19 year old man

Wang Haidi

as Zhang Xiangyang as a 30 year old man

Liang Jing

as Han Jing, Xiaoyang's wife

Zifeng Liu

as Lao Liu, Zhang Gengnian's best friend and fellow artist

Li Bin

as Chicken Droppings as a 19 year old young man


Zhang Yang


Jong Lin

Jong Lin Director of Photography

International Titles

Xiang ri kui Trailer

International Releases Dates

Canada 10 September 2005

China 10 September 2005

United States 08 October 2005

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