Thaka Thimi Tha Trailer

Thaka Thimi Tha Trailer (2005)

31 March 2005 143 mins

Ankitha ( Gayu ) and Yuva Krishna fall in love with each other in college. But when Yuva tells his friends about being close to Gayu and describes her, she gets angry and they split apart. After finishing college, Gayu's family stays in a house opposite to that of Yuva. Their families get to know about their earlier love and try to rejoin them . The rest of the story is how Gayu gets convinced.

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Thaka Thimi Tha tamil movie comedy full new release 2017

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Thaka Thimi Tha |2005 movie |IMDB Rating |Review | Complete report | Story | Cast

Movie Title --- Thaka Thimi Tha Unknown facts IMDB rating and Complete Report Cast -- Rajeev Sai Prashanth Shakeela Singamuthu Below actors passed away -- died on

Kathalai Yaaradi | Thaka Thimi Tha HD Video Song + 5.1 Audio | YuvakrishnaAnkitha | D.Imman

REMASTERED - HD Video + HD Audio Thaka Thimi Tha 2005 Tamil Movie HD Video Songs Free Download Kadhalai Kaadhalai Kathalai Kaathalai Yaradi Yaaradi Mudhalil Muthalil Solvathu Solvadhu.

Thaka Thimi Tha Kaadhalai Yaaradi

Thaka Thimi Tha full hd movie trailer.

Vivek Comedy - Thaka Thimi Thaa | Audio Jukebox

Movie Name : Thaka Thimi Thaa Cast : Yuvakrishna Vivek Ankita Zaveri Theja Shri M. S. Viswanathan Sriman Mouli Manobala Music Director : Director : Producer :

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