The White Countess Trailer

The White Countess Trailer (2005)

30 October 2005 Drama, History, Romance 135 mins

The last movie from the team of Ismail Merchant, James Ivory, and Kazuo Ishiguro. Set in 1930s Shanghai, "The White Countess" is both Sofia (Natasha Richardson), a fallen member of the Russian aristocracy, and a nightclub created by a blind American diplomat named Jackson (Ralph Fiennes), who asks Sofia to be the centerpiece of the world he wants to create.

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Ralph Fiennes

as Todd Jackson

Natasha Richardson

as Countess Sofia Belinskya

Lynn Redgrave

as Olga Belinskya

Vanessa Redgrave

as Princess Vera Belinskya

Madeleine Potter

as Grushenka

Allan Corduner

as Samuel Feinstein

John Wood

as Prince Peter Belinskya

Lee Pace

as Crane

Ying Da

as Kao

Terence Harvey

as Walters

Jean-Pierre Lorit

as Antoine Jacquier


James Ivory


Robert Hein

Robert Hein Sound Designer

Richard Robbins

Original Music Composer

Christopher Doyle

Christopher Doyle Director of Photography

Andrew Sanders

Andrew Sanders Production Design

Steve Simmonds

Steve Simmonds Art Direction

John Bright

John Bright Costume Design

Carol Hemming

Carol Hemming Makeup Designer

Carol Hemming

Carol Hemming Hair Designer

Martina Kohl

Martina Kohl Makeup Department Head

Martina Kohl

Martina Kohl Hair Department Head

Coll Anderson

Coll Anderson Sound Effects Editor

International Titles

bila hrabenka Trailer

La condesa rusa Trailer

Белая графиня Trailer

International Releases Dates

Spain 09 June 2006

Italy 10 February 2006

Russia 13 April 2006

United States 30 October 2005

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