Nömadak Tx Trailer

Nömadak Tx Trailer (2006)

01 January 2006 90 mins

Nömadak Tx is a road movie documentary of Igor Otxoa and Harkaitz Mtnez. de San Vicente of the Basque Country in Spain who take their ancient Txalaparta percussion instrument to native peoples in India, the Arctic Circle, Mongolia, Algeria, and the Saharan Desert.

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International Releases Dates

Spain 01 January 2006

United States 14 July 2007

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nomadak tx -trailer-

trailer del documentario nomadak tx.

Nomadak Tx trailer

Este es el treiler de la pelicula Nomadak tx.

Nömadak Tx

Título original Nömadak Tx Año 2006 Duración 90 min. País España España Director Raúl de la Fuente Guión Raúl de la Fuente Pablo Iraburu Harkaitz Martí

Nömadak TX / Oreka TX [ Full Album 2006]

1. Lauhazka 00:00 - 04:09 2. Saapmi 04:11 - 07:48 3. Garinisa 07:50 - 10:00 4. Jai adivasi 10:01 - 13:03 5. Areloreak 13:11 - 17:40 6. Dzuüd 17:44 - 21

Nomadak Tx trailer

Music has a way of bridging all language and cultural barriers. Music communicates were words often fail. Traveling across the globe two Basque musicians - Igor and Harkaitz - use their

Nomadak Tx

Фрагмент док. фильма "Nomadak Tx" Жанр| Genre: Ethnic folk Страна| Country: Spain India Lapland Mongolia Sahara Режиссер: Пабло Ирабуру...

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