The Absence of Light Trailer

The Absence of Light Trailer (2006)

04 August 2006 77 mins

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Tom Savini

as The Higher Power

Caroline Munro

as Abbey Church

Michael Berryman

as The Seer

Tony Todd

as The Alchemist

Richard Conant

as Purtian

Rick Scarry

as Senator Criswell

Tom Sullivan

as Dr. Corrigan

David Hess

as Whiplash


International Releases Dates

United States 04 August 2006

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The Absence of Light - Trailer (2006) Tom Savini Caroline Munro

Director: Patrick Desmond Stars: Richard Conant Eric Thornsberry Caroline Munro and Tom Savini When a scientist discovers the possibility of the meaning of life two shadowy

The Absence of Light - Trailer (2006) Tom Savini Caroline Munro

Director: Patrick Desmond Stars: Richard Conant Eric Thornsberry Caroline Munro and Tom Savini When a scientist discovers the possibility of the meaning of . trailer. Trailer for

The Absence of Light (First Trailer)

The Absence of Light full hd movie trailer.

The Absence of Light TRAILER


The absence of light (film trailer)

I hope guys like what is about to come!!!

The Absence of Light - Official Trailer (HD)

Coming soon! "The Absence of Light" Directed by Collin Bernard The sun has gone out sooner than predicted. How will the Earth react?

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