The Cheat Report Trailer

The Cheat Report Trailer (2006)

31 March 2006 50 mins

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Alexander Roth

as Obercheater / Godot

Joachim Kerzel

as Narrator

Daniel Wolfarth

as Cult Cheater

Christian Strang

as Cult Cheater

Johannes Köhler

as Cult Cheater

Jeremias Köhler

as Cult Cheater

Simon Ries

as Cult Cheater

Stefan Holler

as Cult Cheater

Victor Regehr

as Cult Cheater

Marco Alt

as Cult Cheater

Andreas Gregorius

as Propaganda Cheater / Journalist

Bert Wesselmann

as Propaganda Narrator

Alexander Roth

as Obercheater / Godot / Dealer / PACT Teamleader

Daniel P. Schenk

as Christian Kummer

Maya Schenk

as Martina Lauer


Daniel P. Schenk

Daniel P. Schenk Executive Producer

Marcel Muth

Marcel Muth Executive Producer

Timm Zumbrägel

Timm Zumbrägel Executive Producer

Robert Staffl

Robert Staffl Director of Photography

Muhammet M. Boz

Muhammet M. Boz Makeup Designer

Muhammet M. Boz

Muhammet M. Boz Makeup Effects

International Releases Dates

Germany 31 March 2006

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