Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow Trailer

Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007 Fantasy, Animated, Romance 75 mins

Elina goes to a fairy school to learn dancing and fairy magic. The spring of the fairy land is soon threatened by evil Laverna who intends to prevent fairies from performing the annual vital rainbow dance. Elina must stop quarreling with her fellow students and unite them to save the first bud of the spring.

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Alistair Abell

as Faban (voice)

Sharon Alexander

as Sunburst (voice)

Kathleen Barr

as Laverna (voice)

Andrew Francis

as Linden (voice)


William Lau


International Titles

Barbie Fairytopia - Magie de l'arc-en-ciel Trailer

Barbie - Die Magie des Regenbogens Trailer

Barbie - Fairytopia: Die Magie des Regenbogens Trailer

Barbie Fairytopia: Regnbuens Magi Trailer

Barbie Fairytopia 2 La Magia del Arco Iris Trailer

Barbie La Magia del Arcoiris Trailer

Barbie Fairytopia - La magia dell'arcobaleno Trailer

Barbie en de magie van de regenboog Trailer

Barbie i magia tęczy Trailer

10. Сказочная страна. Волшебная радуга Trailer

Barbie Fairytopia Den Magiska Regnbågen Trailer

Magic of the Rainbow Trailer

International Releases Dates

Denmark 22 March 2007

Netherlands 01 January 2007

Poland 01 January 2007

United States 01 January 2007

Production Companies

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