For Those We Love Trailer

For Those We Love Trailer (2007)

12 May 2007 War 135 mins

In 1943, as Japan's WWII effort falters, a vice-admiral proposes training squadrons of "volunteer" flyers to crash their armed planes into Allied warships. Yarn follows the lives of kamikaze pilots, as remembered by an aging Kyushu restaurateur who cherishes their memory. Honoring the dead and multiple military anthems may stir the soul of some Japanese, but elsewhere auds will make a one-way trip for exits. Battle scenes are well-executed and script delivers some memorable scenes, but overall competent helming and thesping are powerless over writer-cum-Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishiara's repetitive storytelling. A post-war postscript adds considerable length to an already over-extended narrative. Tech credits are good quality.

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Satoshi Tokushige

as Kapitän Nakanishi

Yosuke Kubozuka

as Leutnant Bando

Michitaka Tsutsui

as Leutnant Tabata

Keiko Kishi

as Tome Torihama

Mikako Tabe

as Reiko Torihama

Yasuyuki Maekawa

as Kaneyama

Masatō Ibu

as Vice Admiral Takijiro Onishi


Taku Shinjo


Koichi Noguchi

Koichi Noguchi Visual Effects Supervisor

Hidetaka Ozawa

Hidetaka Ozawa Art Direction

Shôji Ueda

Shôji Ueda Cinematography

Hiroyuki Kitazawa

Hiroyuki Kitazawa Cinematography

Shintarô Ishihara

Shintarô Ishihara Executive Producer

International Titles

Kamikaze - Ich sterbe für Euch alle Trailer

Assault On The Pacific - Kamikaze Trailer

I Go to Die for You Trailer

Ore wa, kimi no tame ni koso shini ni iku Trailer

Kamikaze—The Ultimate Sacrifice Trailer

International Releases Dates

France 12 August 2012

United Kingdom 25 April 2011

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for those we love kamikaze-soundtrack

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for those we love new film about japanese kamikaze

this is a tribute for the kamikaze pilots of the imperial of japan. At about 2/3th of the movie you will see some colour footages of the ww2 with zekesand oscars.

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