New Délire Trailer

New Délire Trailer (2007)

20 January 2007 Comedy, Foreign 80 mins

Take a Bollywood film--a good Bolllywood film--with action, emotion, suspense, and laughter. With Indian actors who act, dance, sing and smother themselves with tomato sauce when feigning a bloody head wound. Now, watch the image with the sound turned down! And let Pascal Legitimus and Eric Le Roch re-invent a story, recreate the sounds and the atmosphere, rewrite the lyrics to the songs. They'll give a new meaning to the film, helped in doing so by many well-known actors, who'll lend their voices to the Indian actors on screen. This diversion isn't a danger to your health. You simply risk killing yourself laughing!

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Pascal Légitimus

as Bobby (voice)

Hélène de Fougerolles

as Paula (voice)

Mathilda May

as Fanny (vocie)

Simon Abkarian

as Gunter (voice)

Serge Hazanavicius

as Le groom (voice)

International Releases Dates

France 20 January 2007

Production Companies

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New Délire le film la bande annonce

New Delire le film la comédie détournée Bollywood avec Pascal Legitimus Luis Rego Jean-Marie Bigard. - Sortie le 4 juillet 2007.

New délire les aventures d'un Indien dans le show-biz B-A

Bande annonce du film New délire les aventures d'un Indien dans le show-biz. N'Joy ;

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Détournement de film bollywood avec Pascal Legitimus et Luis Rego Jean-Marie Bigard.

New Délire sponsor adidas

Le détournement d'un film Bollywood au cinéma le 4 juillet doublé par Pascal Légitimus Jean Marie Bigard Luis Saajan chale sajuran a été détournée pour une comédie hilarante !

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