Paradise Murdered Trailer

Paradise Murdered Trailer (2007)

12 April 2007 Thriller, Mystery 110 mins

A grisly murder occurs on the small remote island known as Paradise. After a night of gambling, two of the players are found mutilated. Deok-Su, the missing third player, quickly becomes the suspect. As the 17 residents of Paradise Island try to stay calm, suspicion grows that perhaps there was someone else involved in the grisly murders.

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Park Hae-Il

as Jae Woo Seong

Park Sol-mi

as Jang Gwi Nam

Sung Ji Roo

as Choon Bae

Choi Ju Bong

as The Mayor

Kim In-Mun

as Grandfather Kim

Lee Da-wit

as Tae-ki

Sung Ji-Ru

as Choon Bae

Kim In-mun

as Grandfather Kim


Kim Han-min


International Titles

Geukrakdo Salinsageon Trailer

Homicide Case on Paradise Trailer

Paradise 1986 Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 12 April 2007

Production Companies

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Paradise Murdered

Paradise Murdered full hd movie trailer.

Paradise Murdered 극락도 살인사건 (2007) - Korean Movie Review

Terror stalks the residents of an idyllic Korean island as one person falls victim to an unknown killer with each passing night. Please subscribe! Support me via Patreon:

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