Pirate Camp Trailer

Pirate Camp Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007 Action, Comedy, Family

Only the pure of heart will be able to find the key to breaking the curse that holds real pirates captive.

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Candice King

as Annalisa / Tom

Corbin Bernsen

as Hookbeard

Christopher Michael Casey

as Casey-the-cook

Joshua Feinman

as Rugburn

Sonia Kazarova

as Mama Jumana

Jesse Lawler

as Flunkie

Nic Novicki

as Trimmer

Damian Perkins

as Cabin Boy

Seth Adkins

as Cooper

International Releases Dates

United States 01 January 2007

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Family Adventure Drama Comedy Pirate Camp is a family adventure comedy where real kids learn to become pirates. A stint at a fantasy pirate camp turns into a high-stakes high-seas

Pirate Camp action video

This is a action video of the movie pirate camp starring: Seth Adkins Candice Accola Connor Ross Matthew Thompson and Michael Hamilton a few wonderful actors. Enjoh the trailervideo

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Pirate Camp (2007

The Backyardigans - Pirate Camp

Uniqua and Pablo go to Camp Walk-a-Planka to learn to be pirates.

Candice Accola | Pirate Camp (Part 7/9)

Campamento Pirata (Parte 7 de 9) Elenco / Cast: Candice Accola - Annalisa / Tom Corbin Bernsen - Hookbeard Seth Adkins - Cooper Connor Ross - Vic Michael Hamilton - Bradford Christopher

Candice Accola | Pirate Camp (Part 1/9)

Campamento Pirata (Parte 1 de 9) Elenco / Cast: Candice Accola - Annalisa / Tom Corbin Bernsen - Hookbeard Seth Adkins - Cooper Connor Ross - Vic Michael Hamilton - Bradford

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