Anmitsu Hime Trailer

Anmitsu Hime Trailer (2008)

06 January 2008 Comedy, TV Movie

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Mao Inoue

as Anmitsu Hime / Tokoroten

Keisuke Koide

as Senbei

Mari Natsuki

as Kasutera Fujin

Shigeru Izumiya

as Abekawa Hikozaemon

Ei Morisako

as Ohagi

Imai Yuki

as Amagurinosuke

Masaki Kyomoto

as Kintsuba no Ryu / Toyama

Masaki Kyomoto

as Kintsuba no Ryu / Toyama Ryunoshin

Yumi Shirakawa

as Shibucha

Shôko Nakagawa

as Ichigodaifuku

Taichi Saotome

as Momoyama Sandayu

Danta Yasunori

as Kitanai Taro

Nakajyo Kiyoshi

as Haraguro Izo

Emi Wakui

as Tencha

Toshirō Yanagiba

as Awa no Dango no Kami

Oshima Miyuki

as Shiruko


Yoshihiro Izumi

Yoshihiro Izumi Screenstory

Asano Sumi

Asano Sumi Producer

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Anmitsu hime Trailer

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Anmitsu Hime Trailer sub ita.wmv

ecco il trailer del film giapponese con la bravissima atrice Inou Mao!! Aja Aja Italian Fansub Fighting è un nuovo grupo di fansubber che tradurranno drama e film coreani giapponesi e tawanese...

Introduction to Anmitsu Hime

Introduction to Anmitsu Hime. Isn't Inoue Mao pretty.

Takeuchi Riki Anmitsu Hime 2 - 竹内 力 あんみつ姫 2

Takeuchi Riki again at his best. \(^o^)/ This clip is from the Japanese TV Special 'Anmitsu Hime 2' starring Mao Inoue.

Anmitsu Hime mark III ( あんみつ姫マークIII )

Of Ⅲ @ Master System version mark is "Anmitsu princess". (Not originally FM sound) PSG sound source. It has played to clear but it will do it the way loop for a hetare. / Other videos

Anmitsu Hime (1986)- Beginning

Uploading because I love the visuals in this show and I particularly love this small sequence- the baby Princess design is great! Made by Studio Pierrot all rights reserved etc etc.


The fragment from Anmitsu Hime 2008.

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