Accused at 17 Trailer

Accused at 17 Trailer (2009)

05 December 2009 Drama, Thriller 90 mins

A teenager is accused of murdering a classmate and claims that she was framed by her best friend. Her mother must try to find the truth.

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Cynthia Gibb

as Jacqui Madler

Nicole Gale Anderson

as Bianca Madler

Janet Montgomery

as Fallyn Werner

Stella Maeve

as Sarah Patterson

William R. Moses

as Michael Werner

Barbara Niven

as Claire Werner

Linden Ashby

as Detective Reeder

Reiley McClendon

as Chad Voyt

William Stanford Davis

as Detective Gilson

Shirley Jordan

as Ellen Walterson

Timi Prulhiere

as Rita Patterson

Mark S. Porro

as Clinton Thane Esq.

Jon Mack

as News Reporter


Michael Burns

Michael Burns Co-Executive Producer

Christine Conradt

Christine Conradt Associate Producer

Pierre David

Pierre David Executive Producer

Steve Gurevitch

Steve Gurevitch Co-Executive Producer

Douglas Howell

Douglas Howell Associate Producer

Ken Sanders

Ken Sanders Producer

International Titles

Accusée à tort Trailer

International Releases Dates

Canada 05 December 2009

United States 01 May 2010

Production Companies

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