The Donner Party Trailer

The Donner Party Trailer (2009)

23 October 2009 Drama, Western 95 mins

Based on the real events of The Donner Party tragedy. The Donner Party was a group of California-bound American settlers caught up in the western expansion of the 1840s. After becoming snowbound in the Sierra Nevada during the winter of 1846-1847, a number of the trapped settlers joined together in a final effort to reach California and organize a rescue party.

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Crispin Glover

as William Foster

Clayne Crawford

as William Eddy

Michele Santopietro

as Amanda McCutchen

Mark Boone Junior

as Franklin Graves

Christian Kane

as Charles Stanton

Crispian Belfrage

as Patrick Dolan

Catherine Black

as Ann Fosdick

Jamie Anne Allman

as Eleanor Eddy

Jack Kyle

as Milt McCutchen

Cary Wayne Moore

as Jay Fosdick

Alison Haislip

as Mary Graves

Mara LaFontaine

as Sarah Foster


Mark Costa

Mark Costa Producer

Greg Ives

Greg Ives Executive Producer

Cory Johnson

Cory Johnson Executive Producer

Eric Liesemer

Eric Liesemer Executive Producer

Ted Meyer

Ted Meyer Producer

J.E. Moore

J.E. Moore Producer

John Moore

John Moore Executive Producer

J.E. Moore

J.E. Moore Executive Producer

Dawson Warner

Dawson Warner Executive Producer

Dawson Warner

Original Music Composer

Seamus Tierney

Seamus Tierney Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 23 October 2009

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