Agnosia Trailer

Agnosia Trailer (2010)

26 September 2010 Drama, Thriller 105 mins

The protagonist is a young woman, Joan Prats suffering from agnosia, a strange, primary visual disease that is one of the neuropsychological disorders of perception. Although her eyes and ears are in perfect condition, her brain is not able to correctly interpret the stimuli it receives. Joan is the only person to know an industrial secret left behind by her late father and becomes the victim of a sinister plan to extract this information. Her captors plan to use her sensory condition to help extract the information that they so desperately want.

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Felix Gomez

as Vincent

Martina Gedeck

as Prevert

Sergi Mateu

as Artur Prats

Jack Taylor

as Meissner

Bárbara Goenaga

as Joana Prats


Unax Mendía

Unax Mendía Camera Department Manager

International Titles

Agnosia Trailer

Agnosia - Das dunkle Geheimnis Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 01 July 2011

Spain 08 October 2010

France 04 October 2011

United Kingdom 26 February 2011

United States 26 September 2010

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AGNOSIA Trailer oficial

Agnosia full hd movie trailer.

Agnosia - Trailer

Agnosia full hd movie trailer.

Agnosia - Trailer (german/deutsch)

FSK Trailer = FSK ab 12 freigegeben Jetzt als DVD Blu-ray und Video on Demand! Vom Erfolgsproduzenten von "Pans Labyrinth" & "Das Waisenhaus" Inhalt: Die junge und hübsche Joana


Thriller/Romance -- España -- 2010 Joana Prats sufre agnosia una extraña enfermedad neuropsicológica que afecta a su percepción. Aunque sus ojos y sus oídos están en perfectas condiciones...

Agnosia (Trailer español)

Año: 2010 Director: Eugenio Mira Actores: Eduardo Noriega Félix Gómez Bárbara Goenaga Martina Gedeck Sinopsis: En la Barcelona del siglo XIX la joven Joana Prats (Bárbara Goenaga)...

Agnosia Trailer

Disponible en DVD a la venta y renta en Junio del 2012. Agnosia está ambientada en la Barcelona del siglo XIX y narra la historia de Joana Prats (Bárbara Goenaga) una joven que sufre agnosia...

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