Alleged Trailer

Alleged Trailer (2010)

09 September 2010 Drama, History, Romance 91 mins

Alleged is a romantic drama based on events occurring behind the scenes and outside the courtroom of the famous Scopes "Monkey Trial" of 1925. Charles Anderson, a talented young reporter, feels trapped working for his deceased father's weekly newspaper and living in a tiny town (Dayton, TN) in steep decline. Seeing the "Monkey Trial" as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to break into the journalistic big leagues, Charles manages to insert himself into the middle of the "Trial of the Century." Once in the midst of this staged event, however, he is torn between his love for the more principled Rose, his fiancée, and the escalating moral compromises that he is asked to make as the eager protégé of H.L. Mencken, America's most colorful and influential columnist.

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Nathan West

as Charles Anderson

Colm Meaney

as H.L. Mencken

Brian Dennehy

as Clarence Darrow

Fred Dalton Thompson

as William Jennings Bryan

Ashley Johnson

as Rose Williams

JR Bourne

as George Rappleyea

Khori Faison

as Abigail

International Releases Dates

United States 09 September 2010

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