Spacebong Beach Babes Trailer

Spacebong Beach Babes Trailer (2010)

19 January 2010 86 mins

Alison, Brenda and Courtney just want to get high and go to the beach, but today Alison has to work and Brenda and Courtney are auditioning for a rap video. Meanwhile, googly-eyed marijuana bud aliens in bong-shaped spaceships arrive on earth and take the women's forms, fighting for control of a seed that will save the universe. Upon discovering the alien plot, the women are faced with a choice; fight the invaders or smoke more hash...

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United States 19 January 2010

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Spacebong Beach Babes (stoner sci fi comedy 86 mnutes) Alison Brenda and Courtney just want to get high and go to the beach but today Alison has to work and Brenda and Courtney are

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Spacebong Beach Babes is a stoner comedy sci fi movie stuffed with little nuggets of activism talking points and stoner hotties taking support clean

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Spacebong Beach Babes (stoner sci fi comedy 86 minutes) Alison Brenda and Courtney just want to get high and go to the beach but Alison has to work and Brenda and Courtney are

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The Alien Mike is a virtuoso guitarist and composer possibly from another These are direct cuts of two scenes from the stoner cult movie Spacebong Beach Babes which

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Spacebong Beach Babes (stoner sci fi comedy 86 minutes in 6 parts) Alison Brenda and Courtney just want to get high and go to the beach but Alison has to work and Brenda and

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