Chinese Take-Out Trailer

Chinese Take-Out Trailer (2011)

24 March 2011 Comedy 93 mins

"A Chinese Tale" is a comedy that chronicles a chance encounter between Robert (Ricardo Darin) and a Chinese named Jun (Huang Sheng Huang) who wanders lost through the city of Buenos Aires in search of his uncle, the only living relative who has . Robert meets in June at the time that the latter is thrown into the streets from inside a taxi after being assaulted by the driver and his henchmen. From then began a forced and strange coexistence between the two, because Roberto does not speak Chinese and Jun a word of Spanish.

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Ricardo Darín

as Roberto

Javier Pinto

as Italian Lover

Enric Cambray

as Roberto as a Young Man (as Enric Rodríguez)

Enric Cambray

as Roberto as a Young Man

Joaquín Bouzas

as Client 2

Pablo Seijo

as Client 1

Gustavo Comini

as Dump Truck Driver

International Titles

Chinese zum Mitnehmen (2012) Trailer

El Chino Trailer

Chinese Take-Away Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 24 March 2011

Germany 05 January 2012

France 08 February 2012

Greece 06 September 2012

Italy 23 March 2012

United States 01 June 2012

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Directed by: Sebastian Borensztein Synopsis: Jun a Chinese man who has just arrived in Argentina not speaking a word of spanish is "adopted" by Roberto a cranky loner. Seeking a way

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