La Chance de ma vie Trailer

La Chance de ma vie Trailer (2011)

"This guy is a disaster or..." 05 January 2011 Comedy, Romance 87 mins

Julien Monnier has a serious problem. Though he's a brilliant couples counselor, he can't keep a woman in his life for more than two weeks. Indeed, ever since his childhood, Julien jinxes every woman who falls in love with him. But it's not just any small jinx. It's the kind that sends you to the hospital several times a week, that destroys your professional life or that turns your friends into enemies. Julien is strictly speaking a true black cat for women. Joanna Sorini will soon learn this at her expense the day she meets him. A career that's just taking off, a love life that finally seems to be taking a good turn, all that may just change.

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Virginie Efira

as Joanna Sorini

Raphaël Personnaz

as Martin Dupont

Thomas Ngijol

as Vincent

Brigitte Roüan

as Lydie, la mère de Joanna

Yves Jacques

as Maxime Dupont

Elie Semoun

as Philippe Markus

Francis Perrin

as François

Jean-Claude Tran

as Le patron du restaurant coréen

François-Xavier Demaison

as Julien Monnier

International Titles

La oportunidad de mi vida Trailer

La chance de ma vie Trailer

帶ㄙㄞˋ男朋友 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 04 November 2011

France 05 January 2011

United States 11 November 2011

Production Companies

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