Neben meinem Bruder Trailer

Neben meinem Bruder Trailer (2011)

12 November 2011 77 mins

Two identical twin brothers are raised by their traumatized father as one person. They go separately to school, sleep in the same bed and listen to the same name Thomas. The brothers look very similar, but their personalities are different. Only the passion for painting brings the twins together. After years of keeping their existence away from the world, the twins decide to follow their big dream. They want to become painters. The brothers leave their father, move into a house near a city and begin to work hard for success. Nevertheless the twins have to face, what had been silenced for years.

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Pierre Kiwitt

as Thomas / Jakob

Anja Karmanski

as Maklerin


Harald Prochaska

Harald Prochaska Production Design

Harald Prochaska

Harald Prochaska Set Decoration

International Releases Dates

Ukraine 12 November 2011

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