The Showdown Trailer

The Showdown Trailer (2011)

24 February 2011 Drama, Action 111 mins

In the 11th year of Kwang Hae-gun, Jo-seon soldiers go to war with China after an invasion. In the middle of Manchu, three people who have barely survived are being cornered by the Chinese forces, and begin a bloody battle not with their enemies but with their friends.

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Park Hee-soon

as Heon-myeong

Jin Goo

as Do-yeong

Ko Chang-Seok

as Doo-soo

Choi Il-hwa

as Do-yeong's father

Jang Hee-jin

as Seo-hyeon

Jeon Kuk-Hwan

as Dang-soo

Ko Chang-seok

as Du-soo


Youngho Kim

Youngho Kim Cinematography

Teo Lee

Teo Lee Camera Operator

International Titles

The Showdown Trailer

The Showdown : L'Ultime Combat Trailer

Hyultu Trailer

혈투 Trailer

The Showdown Trailer

International Releases Dates

Korea 24 February 2011

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The Showdown 2011 trailer

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The Showdown (2011)

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