Aji Noh Motor Trailer

Aji Noh Motor Trailer (2012)

"Biar Buta Mata Jangan Buta Hati" 20 September 2012 Comedy 86 mins

Local comedy by Mohd Razif Rashid, "Aji Noh Motor", tells the tale of an older brother named Aji who is willing do to anything for his younger brother, Noh. However, the two brothers are polar opposites of each other, with Aji being a drag racer, who only takes the motor parts of those who lost while Noh is an obedient and determined boy whose only hobby is reading and practicing his religion's teachings despite being blind. In spite of that, Aji loves Noh very much and will do his best to make sure that Noh's wishes are fulfilled even if it proves impossible for him.

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Malaysia 20 September 2012

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Di Sebalik Tabir Aji Noh Motor

Filem Aji Noh Motor mengisahkan seorang abang Aji yang sanggup melakukan apa saja demi adiknya Noh. Aji seorang lelaki yang suka merempit dan berlumba namun setiap kali Aji menang dia

Filem Aji Noh Motor 21 92012

Aji Noh Motor full hd movie trailer.


Aji Noh Motor full hd movie trailer.

Mig Online - Promo Filem Aji Noh Motor sebuah filem aksi komedi islamik (Alex Yanz)

Aji Noh Motor full hd movie trailer.

Jumaat Eksklusif - Telemovie: Aji Noh Motor

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Aji Noh Motor full hd movie trailer.

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