Cartel War Trailer

Cartel War Trailer (2012)

27 November 2012 Action, Crime 94 mins

Led by a detective hell-bent on revenge, a team of undercover cops in Los Angeles attempt to bring down a powerful drug mob from the inside. Operating outside the law, they put everything on the line to clean up the streets and exact payback on the king pin who devastated their families. Based on the true story of Mexico's most powerful drug lord, Cartel War is an action-packed journey into an all-too-real violent underworld.

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Jack Lucarelli

as Mike Marino

Mercedes Brito

as Catalina Vega

Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez

as Antonio Vega

Sandra Carolina

as Gina Cassidy

Dwight Hicks

as Logan Coffey

Gene Lythgow

as Gene Wilson

Brian Smolensky

as Jack Brokowski

Aaron D. Spears

as Andre Rhodes

Carlos Pratts

as De La Pena

Steve Whelan

as Steve Yaconelli

Gene Lythgow

as Gene Wilson


Troy Price


Brian Beach

Brian Beach Executive Producer

Gentry Beach

Gentry Beach Executive Producer

Gene Lythgow

Gene Lythgow Co-Producer

International Titles

Disrupt/Dismantle Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 27 November 2012

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