Confession of Murder Trailer

Confession of Murder Trailer (2012)

08 November 2012 Action, Thriller 119 mins

On the day the 15-year statute of limitations expired on a high profile serial murder case that claimed the lives of 10 women, a family member of the victim throws himself off the building in front of Choi Hyeong-goo, the detective in charge of the case. Two years later, a man called Lee Doo-seok publishes a book titled "I am the Murderer" claiming responsibility for the murders that took place 17 years ago. His book becomes a bestseller because of the author’s charming looks and his vivid depiction of the crime. The detective and the self-proclaimed murderer meet face to face on a television debate show. Believing that Lee is nothing but a con artist, Detective Choi renews his search for the ultimate truth. Then another man appears suddenly, claiming he is the real killer.

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Park Shi Hoo

as Lee Doo-Suk

Kim Young-Ae

as Han Ji-Soo

Choi Won-Yeong

as Jung Tae-Suk

Kim Jong-Goo

as Snake hunter

Jang Gwang

as Director

Jo Eun-Ji

as Choi Kang-Sook

Woo Yong

as Kang Do-Hyeok

Park Woong

as Director Kim

Jung Jae-Young

as Det. Choi Hyung-Goo

 Choi Won-Young

as Jung Tae-Suk

Kim Min-sang

as Jung Min-Kwon

International Titles

I Am A Murderer Trailer

I Am Murderer Trailer

nae-ga-sal-in-beom-i-da Trailer

Naega Salinbeomida Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 25 April 2013

Korea 08 November 2012

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Confession of Murder - International Main Trailer (OFFICIAL)

"Confession of Murder" in theaters November 8 (Korea) Starring JUNG Jae-young PARK Si-hoo The statute of limitations on a high profile serial murder case in which 10 women have been murdered...

Confession of Murder - Trailer (Deutsch | German)

Offizieller Deutscher Trailer zu Confession of Murder - Tödliches Geständnis Ab 26. April 2013 auf Blu-ray & DVD Abonniere uns! :

Confession of Murder (내가 살인범이다) - Trailer - korean thriller 2012

Movie: Confession of Murder (English title) / I'm A Killer (literal title) Plot: After the expiration of the statute of limitations serial killer Lee Doo-Suk (Park Si-Hoo) publishes his

[Full Trailer] Confession of Murder [Movie 2017]

22 Nenme no Kokuhaku | Confession in 22 Years: I Am a Murderer | 22 nenme no Kokuhaku: Watashi ga Satsujinhan desu | 22年目の告白―私が殺人犯です― [Japanese Movie 2017] [

Confession of Murder (2012)

Confession of Murder full hd movie trailer.

Confession of Murder Trailer VO

Confession of Murder de Yû Irie.

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