Doomsday Book Trailer

Doomsday Book Trailer (2012)

11 April 2012 Fantasy, Drama, Sci-Fi 113 mins

In 'A Brave New World', a virus brings the city to ruins and zombies flood the streets of Seoul. In 'The Heavenly Creature', a robot reaches enlightenment while working at a temple, but its creators deem this phenomenon a threat to mankind. In the final segment, 'Happy Birthday', a young girl logs onto a strange website and places an order for a new billiard ball for her father. Soon afterwards a meteor heads toward Earth and people flee to underground bomb shelters.

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Koh Joon-hee

as Kim Yoo-mi

Ryoo Seung-Bum

as Yoon Seok-woo

Park Hae-Il

as In-Myung

Kim Kang-woo

as Robot repairman Park Do-won

Bae Doona

as Min-seo (Older)

Bong Joon-ho

as Joon-ho, lee

Jin Ji-hee

as Min-seo

John D. Kim

as Former NASA Researcher

Ma Dong-seok

as High School Zombie

Song Sae-Byok

as Min-Seo's uncle

Kim Gyu-ri

as Bodhisattva Hye-joo

Jo Yoon-hee

as Ji-eun

Jung Woo

as Joong-dong

Kim Mu-yeol

as Ji-ho

Yoon Se-ah

as Min-seo's mother


International Titles

Doomsday Book Trailer

인류멸망보고서 Trailer

Heavenly Creature Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 21 August 2012

Korea 11 April 2012

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Doomsday Book (2012) - Trailer

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