Marnie Stern Trailer

Marnie Stern Trailer (2012)

01 January 2012

Marnie Stern performing Marnie Stern live at XOYO, London from December 2011. Set list: (0:00) Cinco De Mayo; (4:32) Risky Biz; (8:22) The Crippled Jazzer; (13:09) Transformer; (15:24) Shea Stadium; (20:54) This American Life; (27:38) Transparency Is The New Mystery; (35:34) Prime; (38:23) For Ash; (43:11) Build Her Confidence; (48:36) Vibrational Match;

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United States 01 January 2012

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Acting like drunk twelve year olds outside after the show at Subterannean in Chicago. 3/10/2011.

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