Over My Dead Body Trailer

Over My Dead Body Trailer (2012)

29 March 2012 Drama, Action, Comedy 110 mins

The perpetually rational and precise researcher Hyeon-cheol and the rash and reckless Dong-hwa have nothing in common with the exception of a goal to steal a corpse to serve their own twisted agendas. They set off on their bizarre mission and the plan goes smoothly until they’re faced with the unexpected appearance of Jin-oh and a mysterious group of men also on the hunt.

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Lee Beom-soo

as Baek Hyeon-cheol

Ryoo Seung-Bum

as Ahn Jin-oh

Kim Ok-bin

as Han Dong-hwa

Jeong Man-sik

as Steve Jeong

Lee Beom-soo

as Baek Hyun-Chul

Yoo Da-in

as Jang Ha-yeon

Shin Jung-Keun

as Team leader Jo

Ko Chang-seok

as Hwang Seong-goo

Jeong In-Gi

as Han Jin-soo

Ko Chang-seok

as Hwang Sung-koo

Oh Jung-Se

as Wise governor

Ji-Hwan Jo

as Police Officer 1


Wu Seon-ho


International Titles

Over My Dead Body Trailer

Si-che-ga Dol-a-wass-da Trailer

International Releases Dates

North Korea 29 March 2012

Korea 29 March 2012

Production Companies

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Over My Dead Body (Trailer)

Dancer and choreographer Dave St-Pierre is adored by critics and audiences alike. But his own body is failing him. Dave is 34 and has cystic fibrosis.

Over My Dead Body (trailer with English sub.)

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