Plan C Trailer

Plan C Trailer (2012)

01 March 2012 Comedy, Thriller, Crime 95 mins

Ronald Plasmeyer (Ruben Van Der Meer) is a small-time Amsterdam detective, struggling with financial problems because of his gambling habit. When the Chinese crime boss Hao threatens Ronald's ex-wife and son to get his money back, Ronald comes up with a plan that will solve all his problems. Ronald enlists two petty criminals (Ton Kas and René Van 't Hof) to rob an illegal poker tournament he's taking part in, providing him with a perfect alibi. Quick, simple and non-violent; the plan is foolproof... until people start getting killed. Soon, Ronald's partners take off with the money, leaving him empty handed. To make matters worse Ronald's colleagues in the police force begin to suspect him of the robbery, setting the stage for a nerve-racking game of cat and mouse. Ronald is all-in... holding the worst hand of his life.

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Ruben van der Meer

as Ronald Plasmeyer

Ton Kas

as Bram

Kees Hulst

as Peter

Dick van den Toorn

as Agent Henk

Horace Cohen

as Dries Kirkesteijn


Coen Stroeve

Coen Stroeve Cinematography

Mares Thomassen

Mares Thomassen Art Direction

Coen Stroeve

Coen Stroeve Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

Netherlands 01 March 2012

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PLAN C trailer

PLAN C - 1 maart in de bioscoop met oa Ruben van der Meer René van 't Hof Ton Kas en Rifka Lodeizen. De regie is in handen van Max Porcelijn. Ronald Plasmeyer (Ruben van der Meer) is


Hollandse Film: Plan C Regie: Max Porcelijn Met: Ruben van der Meer Ton Kas Rene van 't hof Kees Hulst Rifka Lodeizen Victor Löw Steef Cuijpers Leny Breederveld Horace Cohen

Plan C - Trailer

PLAN C is een misdaadfilm vol zwarte humor. Ronald Plasmeyer (Ruben van der MEER) is een Amsterdamse rechercheur met gokschulden. Wanneer een Chinese onderwereldfiguur Ronalds zoontje en


Dani un joven desempleado de 26 años recibe una llamada de un viejo amigo que vive en Rotterdam que lo involucrará en el mundo del narcotráfico. Movido por el dinero Dani emprende

'Plan C' Trailer

kiraly: да ты в край охуел kiraly: мне нравится Mashiro: я сам ахуел Mashiro: от того что так ахуел kiraly: 228 скил.

Plan C The movie trailer

un pequeño cortometraje de la nueva Plan C heve.

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