The Unbroken Trailer

The Unbroken Trailer (2012)

28 September 2012 Thriller 100 mins

Sarah Campbell has to start her life over again after a messy divorce leaves her broken, lost, and alone for the first time in years. Having to live in a dumpy apartment complex with some interesting people is the least of her worries when strange things begin to happen in her new home including visions of a little boy in the mirrors. Passing them off as her "crazy imagination", things intensify when Sarah starts to have nightmares about being murdered and tossed into a shallow grave by a "shadowy figure".

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Aurelia Riley

as Sarah Campbell (as Aurelia Rose)

Daniel Baldwin

as Bruce Middlebrooks

Patrick Flanagan

as Tommy (as Patrick Dennis Flanagan)

Ryan Quinn Smith

as Little Boy (as Ryan Smith)

Tracy Wiu

as Vicki

International Releases Dates

United States 28 September 2012

Production Companies

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The Unbroken (Trailer)

Sarah Campbell has to start her life over again after a messy divorce leaves her broken lost and alone for the first time. After moving into a neglected apartment strange things begin

The Unbroken (Trailer)

This is the trailer of the movie that I've been working on for almost a year. Mostly I was working on the music team and bits of here and there Its gonna screen on the 27th of

The Unbroken DVD release Trailer

The Unbroken is a movie that I was involved in (actor and also one of the producers) last year. For details about the movie and how to buy the DVD check out

The UNBROKEN Trailer


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