A Story of Yonosuke Trailer

A Story of Yonosuke Trailer (2013)

23 February 2013 Drama, Comedy, Romance 160 mins

The year is 1987 and Japan is just reaching the peak of its economic success. Eighteen-year old Yonosuke Yokomichi arrives in Tokyo from Nagasaki. Ordinary in every way possible, he lives in a suburb far from the excitement of the big city and commutes to a university in the center of Tokyo.

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Kengo Kora

as Yonosuke Yokomichi

Yuriko Yoshitaka

as Shoko Yosano

Go Ayano

as Yusuke Kato

Sosuke Ikematsu

as Ippei Kuramochi

Ayumi Ito

as Chiharu Katase

Hidekazu Mashima

as Yusuke Kato's partner

Aki Asakura

as Yui Akutsu

Mei Kurokawa

as Sakura Osaki

Aimi Satsukawa

as Mutsumi Toi

Keiko Horiuchi

as Kaori Yosano


Shûichi Yoshida

Shûichi Yoshida Original Story

Ryûto Kondô

Ryûto Kondô Cinematography

Yuki Nishimiya

Yuki Nishimiya Co-Producer

Shūichi Yoshida

Shūichi Yoshida Original Story

International Titles

横道世之介 Trailer

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A Story of Yonosuke Teaser Trailer- Int'l ver

This is the story of Yonosuke the people around him and us. A coming-of-age romance that will make you laugh and cry. (c) 2013 A Story of Yonosuke

A恋愛映画 ~ Story of Yonosuke ~ 人気恋愛映画

A Story of Yonosuke full hd movie trailer.

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A Story of Yonosuke full hd movie trailer.

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