And the Mud Ship Sails Away... Trailer

And the Mud Ship Sails Away... Trailer (2013)

"This is the world's rubbish heap" 23 October 2013 Drama, Comedy 88 mins

Takashi is country hipster, work avoiding, not-so-smart life expert in vague rural-urban area in the north from Tokyo. He lives together with his grandmother and laughs at his friend who goes to real work - shoveling cow manure. On one day, a young woman arrives to the area and claims to be Takashi's half-sister from this' father's escapade. And she is the kind you can't get easily rid off...

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And the Mud Ship Sails Away Trailer

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"And the Mud Ship Sails Away" trailer (そして泥船はゆく - Directed by Hirobumi Watanabe)

Part of the Third Window Films' release of NEW DIRECTORS FROM JAPAN which is out November 24th 2014

大田原愚豚舎第一回作品 映画 「そして泥船はゆく」 予告編 / Foolish Piggies Films 'And the Mud Ship Sails Away' Trailer

第26回東京国際映画祭 日本映画スプラッシュ部門 正式出品作品 映画制作集団 大田原愚豚舎 第一回作品 「そして泥船はゆく」 予告編...

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