Bon Voyage Trailer

Bon Voyage Trailer (2013)

"Travel is the essence of skateboarding so get in the car, train, boat or plane and hit the road…Bon Voyage!" 12 April 2013 Factual 50 mins

Cliché skateboards presents their latest full length video, Bon Voyage, filmed and edited by Boris Proust. Take a ride with the Cliché team across Europe, Australia, the USA, China & Japan and experience some of the best spots ever skated. Travel is the essence of skateboarding so get in the car, train, boat or plane and hit the road…Bon Voyage!

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Daniel Espinoza

as Daniel Espinoza

JB Gillet

as JB Gillet

Pete Eldridge

as Pete Eldridge

Max Geronzi

as Max Geronzi

Paul Hart

as Paul Hart

Adrien Coillard

as Adrien Coillard

Joey Brezinski

as Joey Brezinski

Andrew Brophy

as Andrew Brophy

Charles Collet

as Charles Collet

Javier Mendizabal

as Javier Mendizabal

Lem Villemin

as Lem Villemin

Lucas Puig

as Lucas Puig

Jeremie Daclin

as Jeremie Daclin

Sammy Winter

as Sammy Winter

Kevin Bradley

as Kevin Bradley

Flo Mirtain

as Flo Mirtain

International Releases Dates

United States 12 April 2013

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