Don Jon Trailer

Don Jon Trailer (2013)

"Everyone loves a happy ending." 26 July 2013 Drama, Comedy 90 mins

A New Jersey guy dedicated to his family, friends, and church, develops unrealistic expectations from watching porn and works to find happiness and intimacy with his potential true love.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

as Jon Martello, Jr.

Scarlett Johansson

as Barbara Sugarman

Tony Danza

as Jon Martello, Sr.

Tony Danza

as Jon Sr.

Glenne Headly

as Angela

Glenne Headly

as Angela Martello

Brie Larson

as Monica

Brie Larson

as Monica Martello

Rob Brown

as Bobby

Jeremy Luke

as Danny

Lindsey Broad

as Lauren


Ram Bergman

Ram Bergman Producer

Bruce Wayne Gillies

Bruce Wayne Gillies Line Producer

Thomas Kloss

Thomas Kloss Director of Photography

Nicolas Chartier

Nicolas Chartier Executive Producer

Ryan Kavanaugh

Ryan Kavanaugh Executive Producer

Tucker Tooley

Tucker Tooley Executive Producer

Nathan Johnson

Original Music Composer

Meghan C. Rogers

Meghan C. Rogers Production Design

Elizabeth Cummings

Elizabeth Cummings Art Direction

Leah Katznelson

Leah Katznelson Costume Design

International Titles

Como Não Perder Essa Mulher Trailer

唐璜之瘾 Trailer

超急情圣 Trailer

性人君子 Trailer

Don Jon - Was Frauen wollen und Männer brauchen Trailer

性人君子 Trailer

돈 존 Trailer

Strasti Don Juana Trailer

超急情聖 Trailer

Don Jon's Addiction Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 14 November 2013

Australia 26 September 2013

Belgium 20 November 2013

Brazil 23 September 2013

Canada 27 September 2013

Switzerland 04 October 2013

Chile 14 November 2013

Germany 13 November 2013

Denmark 07 November 2013

Estonia 27 September 2013

Spain 24 October 2013

Finland 31 October 2013

France 25 December 2013

United Kingdom 15 November 2013

Greece 24 October 2013

Hong Kong 26 September 2013

Hungary 12 September 2013

Indonesia 10 October 2013

Ireland 15 November 2013

Israel 03 October 2013

India 19 October 2013

Iceland 27 September 2013

Italy 28 November 2013

Korea 09 January 2014

Kazakhstan 23 October 2013

Lebanon 17 October 2013

Lithuania 04 October 2013

Mexico 18 October 2013

Netherlands 24 October 2013

Norway 31 October 2013

Philippines 23 October 2013

Poland 24 October 2013

Portugal 10 October 2013

Romania 04 October 2013

Russia 19 September 2013

Sweden 25 October 2013

Singapore 07 November 2013

Slovakia 26 September 2013

Turkey 11 October 2013

Taiwan 26 July 2013

United States 27 September 2013

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