Must Be... Love Trailer

Must Be... Love Trailer (2013)

12 March 2013 Comedy, Romance, Foreign 100 mins

A young woman develops romantic feelings for her best friend, but problems arise when another gal enters the picture.

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Kathryn Bernardo

as Patchot Espinosa

Daniel Padilla

as Ivan Lacson

John Estrada

as King Espinosa

John Lapus

as Baby Martinez

Ramon Christopher

as Tito Conde

Ramon Christopher

as Tito Conde (as Ramon Christopher Gutierrez)

Arlene Muhlach

as Gwen Martinez

Cacai Bautista

as Dolly (as Kakai Bautista)

Paul Salas

as Jake

Giselle Toengi

as Sandra Espinosa (as G Toengi)

International Titles

Must Be Love - Tagalog Trailer

International Releases Dates

Philippines 12 March 2013

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Must Be Love A movie from Star Cinema starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo Showing on March 13 2013 Directed by: Dado Lumibao Subscribe to

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Must Be Love a movie from Star Cinema starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo Showing on March 13 2013 Directed by: Dado Lumibao

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