Nicky Deuce Trailer

Nicky Deuce Trailer (2013)

27 May 2013 Comedy, Family 66 mins

Teen Nicholas Borelli gets the surprise of his sheltered life when he ends up spending the summer with a cast of eccentric relatives in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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Noah Munck

as Nicky

Steve Schirripa

as Uncle Frankie

Tony Sirico

as Charlie Cement

Michael Imperioli

as The Doctor

Rita Moreno

as Tutti

James Gandolfini

as Bobby Eggs

Andrea Frankle

as Mrs. Borelli

Kwasi Songui

as Jimmy the Iceman

Mark Camacho

as Carmine

Russell Yuen

as Oscar the Undertaker


Ronald Gilbert

Ronald Gilbert Executive Producer

Ric Nish

Ric Nish Producer

Steve Schirripa

Steve Schirripa Executive Producer

Robyn Snyder

Robyn Snyder Executive Producer

Fernando Szew

Fernando Szew Executive Producer

Ramachandra Borcar

Original Music Composer

Ramachandra Borcar

Ramachandra Borcar Cinematography

David Blanchard

David Blanchard Production Design

Sasha Sergejewski

Sasha Sergejewski Set Decoration

Jean-Jacques Dion

Jean-Jacques Dion Hair Department Head

David Blanchard

David Blanchard Set Decoration

Magali Métivier

Magali Métivier Makeup Artist

International Releases Dates

Netherlands 15 April 2015

United States 27 May 2013

Production Companies

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