Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum Trailer

Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum Trailer (2013)

27 September 2013 Drama, Thriller, Crime 144 mins

Chandran (Sri), a medical student, notices the man struggling for his life after being hit by a bullet in the late hours of the day in Chennai and takes him to a few hospitals to get him treated. But the hospitals refuse to treat him as he has got bullet wounds. Chandran gives medical aid to the victim, which puts him in trouble. Chandran and his family are picked up by CBI officers for interrogation, which is when they find out that the victim is Wolf, a professional killer wanted by the police. Will Chandran be able to save his future? What was Wolf's mission?

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as Wolf / Edward


as Chandru


as Yuva

Neelima Rani

as Chandru's Sister-in-Law

Raj Bharath

as Thamba



Original Music Composer




Mysskin Producer

Balaji V Rangha

Balaji V Rangha Director of Photography

International Titles

Onaayum Aattukuttiyum Trailer

Onaiyum Aatukuttiyum Trailer

Onayum Aattukkuttiyum Trailer

International Releases Dates

India 27 September 2013

Production Companies

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Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum Tamil Full Movie

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